What is WaVR Pro?

If you are looking for a Virtual Reality Platform that combines efficiency with an already established Digital Audio Workstations, then look no further than WaVR. The software is designed to create an avenue via which customers can interact on a physical level with the various parameters specified on the software.

In terms of working principle, the WaVR acts as the host, that houses the digital audio workstation which operates from within.

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We are first

Our company plans to develop and launch a VR based music production software And we will be first in the market with this kind of product

It’s exciting

Incorporating the visual (images videos) and auditory senses. A picture is worth 1,000 words. But a 360 image or video particularly a stereoscopic one is worth way more than 1,000 words

It’s immersive

Capturing the full attention of the user if they’re in a VR headset. This leads to greater recall and a stronger impression on the viewer of the experience.

We are offering

Free download

For the free version, you will be allowed to try all tools for 30 days then if you like you can upgrade to pro.


Pro version

Don't waste time download pro version and you will get a monthly discount if you subscribe for one year

Fillippo Guarna

Fillipo will provide the main line of communication with the public. The support and contact network will be led by him. Also, demonstrations at conventions will be his responsibility.

Henry-Hall Thompson

Henry will be leading the operation, and enabling communication between each respective role.

Donatas Krugelevicius

Donatas is in charge of all things financial, he has budgeted for our project and created forecasts.

Qin Shei

Qin will secure investment both for startup as well as throughout the business’ life

Dylan Brown

Dylan will be in charge of marketing the product curating promotional content in relation to customer analysis.

WaVR Pro
This is our team members

We have a talented team here at VaWRPro, all experts in what we do. As experienced software developers, marketers, and designers, we handle everything that we need to do

The biggest buzz for us is seeing clients become success stories. That’s why we’re in this business. We love what we do, and our clients do too.

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